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2012 was a year not to remember, severe back and arm pains leading to a hospital bed, hope this year is better, now being official retired.

RJT Internet Services is still running but sorry no more computer repairs or builds.

I am clearing all my stock of  Electronic Components in 2015, Test Equipment and Radio and TV’s from my museum at very good prices - RJT Store .

Retirement at last, but what will I do ?

I have decided to go back to my youth when I enjoyed craft work. Now I have been told to relax, what better then using my old hobby of coin collecting to gold plate and make jewellery.

Presents for family are limited so we will make  a collection available for others under ApsoWest Jewellery. Why ApsoWest, we have a Llaso Apso (puppy) and a Westie (12 years), combined they are beautiful.

 We hope you get as much enjoyment out of our jewellery we do designing and making them for you.

Also visit our daughters jewellery web site - www.tomcat-jewellery.co.uk 

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